How To Throw A Baby Shower: The Ultimate Guide

What is a baby shower?

Some say that baby showers are a “new thing”, but we have to say that there were already Egyptians and Ancient Greeks who have celebrated the new baby and its mother, where they offered good wishes and gifts to goddesses and gods. In the Middle Ages baby’s baptism was an opportunity to celebrate with parents and give gifts for a baby. Later on, during world wars and especially after, Baby showers became a popular way to celebrate and congratulate the future mother and her baby.
Today it is popular with millions of people around the world, and it is a way how family and friends help new parents to get everything they need for their baby and to enjoy their time together.


Planning a baby shower

Planning a baby shower can sometimes be challenging therefore we came up with few tips to make it easier for you.

Who is supposed to throw a Baby shower?

Traditionally baby showers were hosted by a distant relative, instead of a close family member, however, this rule is not strictly observed these days, and it’s acceptable for your close family member (grandma to-be, sister…) or your best friend to be responsible for throwing a party for you. Bear in mind that it is still considered a bit unusual for a mom-to-be to host her baby shower by herself.

Who to invite to a Baby Shower?

One of the toughest questions that pop out when considering a Baby shower is who to invite. The guest list for a baby shower is different than other kinds of events. Usually, the parents’ close family members and friends are the ones that come to the celebration. Mostly baby showers were all-female parties, but recently it became popular for dads to be more involved as well.
If you are the one who is responsible for throwing a baby shower, maybe you should ask parents to be of their expectations before putting together the list of invitees.


Baby shower ideasThese kinds of events can be elegant and relaxed, or fun and playful. Even though mom-to-be is not planning her own baby shower, most depend on what she wants, and eventually, the one planning should talk to her about it.
Keep in mind the following things while planning a baby shower:

Baby shower decoration:

One of the important things we are sharing is about theme and decoration. There is no rule on how it should be, the most important is to follow guidelines from the mother-to-be. This is a party that everyone is so excited about it. “Blue for boys and Pink for girls” can be a bit outdated but there are many color combinations to play with…. We suggest you use Instagram and Pinterest for your inspiration as there are tons of profiles sharing their Baby shower decoration ideas that are not to be missed.
We will soon post some Baby shower decoration ideas in one of the following blog posts.


Each part of planning the Baby shower is essential to the final outcome, so is food. You will need to ensure that there will be plenty of tasty things to eat and have in mind what mom-to-be can or can’t eat.
Most people love finger food rather than whole meals at this kind of party, and you will want to cover a wide range of dietary needs. The best is to talk to mom-to-be and find out what she wants, then you should also ask all the invitees if they have any restrictions or dietary conditions that you should be paying attention to. We highly recommend you prepare as much food you can ahead of time, to avoid any last-minute changes.

Games and activities:Baby diaper cake

The activities and Baby shower games are designed to be easy and quick for mom-to-be and her guests to participate in. Games should be fun, and therefore we are playing them, and the best games involve focus not only on the baby but on the mom as well. If you can include guests as well and if everyone will have a chance to be in the center of attention, your baby shower games and activities did the job!
Don’t forget games are there for everyone to have fun.


When someone announces their pregnancy, the initial question is usually: “What do you need?” But picking the best Baby shower gift can be tricky, should you choose something practical, traditional gift something useful, or something cute, you should spoil the soon-to-be mama.
Find our suggestion below and don’t forget to include all invitees.

Baby Shower gift ideas:

At the end of the day, the most important aspect of planning a baby shower isn’t the event itself. It’s the care you take in helping the mom-to-be get ready for her big day. She is the one that must enjoy that day and receive lots of good wishes and lots of love. The baby shower will also be the way to spend some quality time together with loved ones as the big day is almost here.